soul awareness
for women

who want:

to know who they are
to reside in freedom
to be guided from within
to experience peace and equanimity

If you've been asking "Who am I?"; are searching for meaning or purpose; or you've noticed that your old ways no longer fit, then I would love for you to join me in the sacred space of self-realization.

I work with highly conscious women one-on-one and in groups

Welcome! I'm Tracy.

Thank you for joining me in this moment in time and space.

Grounded in the practicality of an MBA and the mysticality of an MA in spiritual psychology, my work in the world is to integrate mind and spirit in service to self-realization and living into one's highest potential.

The existential question that shapes my personal and professional path—and rocks my world—is, "Who am I?"

My motto is to “Love it All,” and it is my joy as a psychospiritual advisor to assist others in mining the gold at every step on their path.

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Ready for clarifying conversation?

If today's outer conditions have pushed your inner buttons, I may be able to help.

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Join me in the sacred work of self-realization

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Tales from a practical mystic

aka, a journal of uh-oh's and ah-ha's


Thy Will Be Done


"Tracy’s work inspires the deepest parts of ourselves to rise up in acceptance of who we are and our work in the world. Her compassionate and wise style of teaching awakens that something special in each one of us; and our unique path unfolds right in front of us. She is a powerful, soulful guide, and I highly recommend her teachings."

Laura Alden Kamm
Spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, and author of Intuitive Wellness

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