for growth-oriented women

who want:

to know freedom in any circumstance
to trust their inner guidance
to honor both heart and mind
to experience peace and equanimity

If you're looking to connect the pieces, if you've been asking "Who am I?", or your old ways are no longer working, then I would love for you to join me in the sacred work of personal transformation. Or perhaps better said, self-revelation.

This is not work for the faint of heart. Your whole world could change.

Hi! I'm Tracy.

MA, MBA, intuitive healer, business professional, spiritual coach, teacher, Reiki master, mother, wife, sister, student, friend, band member, volunteer, amateur yogini, team leader, cat owner, neighbor...

I could keep going. As could you, if you were to use words to represent what you are. That is the best words can do. Helpful for sure, but the real thing?

What is real? What I perceive to be real is the ever-present, unchanging part of us, our essence. My essence. Your essence. That part of us that makes us real. I call this part the Self, with a capital S.   

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Join me in the sacred work of self-realization

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Tales from a practical mystic

aka, a journal of uh-oh's and ah-ha's

The Gift of Grayness

The Gift in Grief

Divine meets Divine

"Tracy’s work inspires the deepest parts of ourselves to rise up in acceptance of who we are and our work in the world. Her compassionate and wise style of teaching awakens that something special in each one of us; and our unique path unfolds right in front of us. She is a powerful, soulful guide, and I highly recommend her teachings."

Laura Alden Kamm
Spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, and author of Intuitive Wellness

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