for women

who want:

to know who they are
to reside in freedom
to be guided from within

I work with highly conscious women one-on-one and in groups for the purpose of growth, upliftment, and expansion.

Welcome! I'm Tracy.

Thank you for joining me in this moment in time and space.

My work in the world is to infuse everyday living with the light of divine context in service to conscious evolution, and the revelation of Self. I am here to bridge heaven and earth, to know they are one and the same.

Having once eschewed my business experience and analytical aptitude in favor of spiritual pursuits and existential deep dives, I now embrace it all, because I am all of it. We are at once practical creatures experiencing life on earth and mystical beings empowered by divine intelligence.

My motto is to “Love it All,” and it is my joy as a psychospiritual advisor to assist others in using everything that life brings their way for growth, upliftment, and expansion.

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Cultivating Self-Mastery

living through empowered perspective

Ready for clarifying conversation?

If outer conditions have pushed your inner buttons, I may be able to help.

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