MA, MBA, intuitive healer, business professional, spiritual coach, teacher, Reiki master, mother, wife, sister, student, friend, band member, volunteer, amateur yogini, team leader, cat owner, neighbor...

I could keep going. As could you, if we were to use words to represent what we are. That is the best words can do. Helpful for sure, but the real thing?

What is real? What I perceive to be real is the ever-present, unchanging part of us, our essence. My essence. Your essence. That part of us that makes us real. I call this part the Self, with a capital S.

The Self is our divine heritage.

It knows what is in our best interest, what is in the highest good in any situation. It wakes us up day after day, keeps our breath flowing and heart beating.

It is from this place that inspiration comes and enthusiasm springs. In fact, the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek enthousiasmos, which means to be divinely inspired.

When I was young, I was attuned to my divine heritage, my enthusiasm. I felt most at home and expressive when I was cheerleading. I felt joyful and fulfilled as I inspired others into experiencing and expressing their own innate, high-flying energy. By the time I had worked in a corporate environment and earned a second degree in business some years later, I was dimly aware that somewhere along the way, I had left my enthusiasm on the sidelines.  

After another decade, I was somewhat relieved that becoming a mother had given me a "reason" to leave my career in finance. Though, as my second child turned two, I became aware that my role as a parent had actually amplified the distance between me and my inner compass. As my two-year-old unyieldingly denied my requests (ok, commands), I found myself drowning in questions...

"What am I doing? Why am I here? WHO AM I?!”

As I would come to learn, through years of dedicated study, deep contemplation, and honest self-inquiry, there are no simple answers to these questions, and yet there is one very simple answer: I am a divine being having a human experience.  

I now see life through this broad context, appreciating the opportunities to know my authentic self experientially, through everyday joys and challenges. I have come full circle, reconnected to my enthusiasm, now serving as a spiritual cheerleader. My work is to inspire others to their enthusiasm, their divine inspiration, their greatest level of authentic Self-expression.

I live with my husband, two children, and our beloved kitty in Oakland, California.

Degrees and Certifications

  • MA in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
  • MBA in Finance, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Postgraduate Certifications, University of Santa Monica:
    • Soul-Centered Professional Coaching
    • Consciousness, Health & Healing
  • Reiki master



"Tracy has the amazing and unique gift to gently transport individuals to the unconscious shadows of their souls, help them to acknowledge and understand what is found, and then heal those findings so that one is perfectly realigned with the original, authentic and spiritual self."

Rosemary Montana
Author, Carmine’s Angel

"Watching Tracy’s inner transformation and path to becoming a spiritual leader has been a true gift in my life and a confirmation that we all have the choice to access the power of our soul and transform the way we are walking though our time on this earth. In coaching sessions, Tracy has the ability to lead you in a few short minutes to look inside yourself with self-love, clarity and full acceptance of your emotions or actions. With heartfelt words and joyful energy, she then guides you to connect with the strength and peace of your divine being and helps you to move forward with any situation, issue or emotion with self confidence, peace and a loving heart. Her enthusiasm for love (and no surprise her vision of life is "love it all" ) is contagious and healing"

F, Berkeley

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