My work in the world is to infuse everyday living with the light of divine context in service to conscious evolution of self and humanity. I am here to bridge heaven and earth, to know they are one and the same.

I had little exposure to organized religion or spiritual teachings as a child, other than Sunday School classes as a preschooler. When my family stopped going to church, I didn’t mind, as I was happy to focus on “real” life in the here and now, as compared to supposed events and personalities from centuries gone by, or that invisible "guy in the sky."

I breezed through high school, studied business in college, and chose a highly technical career in accounting and finance. There was something satisfying about the concrete nature of numbers.

After 15 years in corporate finance and business management, I left the professional world to focus on parenting. All went smoothly enough, until it didn't. Three years into motherhood marked a pivotal shift in perspective, owed largely to health issues experienced by my daughter and powerful expression of will by my son. A crisis of conscience emerged. I found myself asking the existential question that has shaped my personal and professional path ever since:

Who am I?

I craved answers about my beingness. I explored metaphysics and quantum physics. I researched subtle energy, Chinese medicine, sacred texts and the world's religions. A tipping point, from bubbling curiosity to a clear calling, came one day when I experienced an otherworldly rendezvous with the Mother Mary, a figure about whom I had given hardly a thought since Sunday School, some forty years prior.

In a swift moment of eternality, I experienced being wholly seen, held and loved, as well as the awareness that this is the way it has always been.

I recognized, then, that there was no going back to a paradigm of separation, certainty and control. I now knew that I was an eternal being and was loved unconditionally. And, those were the only two things I knew for certain.

With years of dedicated study and contemplation, as well as formal education in spiritual psychology, I found my footing in a new paradigm of unconditional acceptance and is-ness. A favorite quote that sums up my perceptual framework is from A Course in Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

I now serve other growth-oriented women in their quest for self-knowledge and authentic expression.

It is through the eyes of soul awareness

that I work with clients to facilitate a deepening of their conscious awareness of who and what they are. Challenging matters of career, family, parenting, relationships, creative expression, and health, are viewed as opportunities through which to practice the art of self-mastery. Everyday experiences are used to deepen in knowledge of self and as opportunities to choose into one's highest way of being.

My motto is to “Love it All,” and it is my joy as a psychospiritual teacher to assist others in recognizing their wholeness and experiencing the joy of coming home to themselves.

I live with my husband, two children, and our beloved kitty in Oakland, California.

Degrees and Certifications

  • MA in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
  • MBA in Finance, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Postgraduate Certifications, University of Santa Monica:
    • Soul-Centered Professional Coaching
    • Consciousness, Health & Healing
  • Reiki master



"Tracy’s work inspires the deepest parts of ourselves to rise up in acceptance of who we are and our work in the world. Her compassionate and wise style of teaching awakens that something special in each one of us; and our unique path unfolds right in front of us. She is a powerful, soulful guide, and I highly recommend her teachings."

Laura Alden Kamm
Spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, author of Intuitive Wellness

"Tracy has the amazing and unique gift to gently transport individuals to the unconscious shadows of their souls, help them to acknowledge and understand what is found, and then heal those findings so that one is perfectly realigned with the original, authentic and spiritual self."

Rosemary Montana
Author, Carmine’s Angel

"Watching Tracy’s inner transformation and path to becoming a spiritual leader has been a true gift in my life and a confirmation that we all have the choice to access the power of our soul and transform the way we are walking though our time on this earth. In coaching sessions, Tracy has the ability to lead you in a few short minutes to look inside yourself with self-love, clarity and full acceptance of your emotions or actions. With heartfelt words and joyful energy, she then guides you to connect with the strength and peace of your divine being and helps you to move forward with any situation, issue or emotion with self confidence, peace and a loving heart. Her enthusiasm for love (and no surprise her vision of life is "love it all" ) is contagious and healing"

F, Berkeley

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