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The Gift of Grayness

In the grayness, there is a richness. Colors deepen. 

A magnolia tree reached out to me this morning. Though, not only the tree. It was as if Grace was reaching through the tree and offering me an embrace. I accepted. 

The embrace was warm and inviting. Whole and nurturing. Its purity stopped me in my tracks. How could it be so gentle and yet so overwhelming? Tears welled in my eyes and an unnamable emotion surfaced as I melted into the otherworldliness of the...

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The Gift in Grief

I realized that I was using my son.
I was using him to feel good about myself.

As he became a teenager, a feeling crept in. I ignored it until I could no longer.  What was this feeling?

In a word, grief. I was grieving the loss of my little boy. Where did he go, that bundle of sunshine that lit me up with a level of loving energy so huge that it could hardly be contained in his little body?

Over the years, when I returned home after being out of town, my son would often greet me with an...

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Divine meets Divine

connection joy Jan 22, 2020

I turned off the television, thankful that an overly long movie had ended, and turned my chair to glance through the family room, to no particular end. My gaze danced its way to the windows. 

Outside, the sky was overcast and all of nature seemed still. Dark clouds cast a gray hue onto the yard and projected the same grayness into the house. Inside, not a creature was stirring. All was quiet, my daughter in her bedroom—probably sleeping—and the cat, silently tucked...

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Inspired by Beauty

connection expansion joy Jan 21, 2020

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
—Coco Chanel 

Tears welled in my eyes as I read a furniture catalog. Yes, a furniture catalog. The layout of the pages, the photographs used, the story the copywriters were telling... it was all so beautiful! 

It was as if I could feel the wholehearted intention of the artists who designed the furniture and the creative ones who compiled their catalog. It was a feeling of purity, of genuineness.

I love connecting on that...

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You've been spared

grace perspective Jan 20, 2020

From the annals of not getting what I want…

I was ready to make a left-hand turn into the school driveway. Upon initiating the turn, however, I stopped quickly when I saw a school administrator and another person standing smack in the middle of the entrance, blocking my path. “Way to block the driveway,” I muttered. (There’s something about being behind the wheel of a car that brings forth a sense of entitlement.)

By the time the two men cleared...

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There is what we do and what we think about what we do

choice freedom perspective Sep 12, 2019

I said something to my husband and immediately recognized it as sounding pompous. There was a time that I would have chewed on that for a long while. I would have turned it over in my mind, wondering why I said such a thing. Self-judgment would have set in. I would have wondered what he thought of me. A virtual rat's nest of thought would have been created in my mind, because it is not my intention to sound pompous and so why did I say that, gosh darn it?!

I have come to see, however,...

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Love more

Just pondering why it is that I don’t feel compelled to do a thing that I’ve been telling myself I should do. I know that I will eventually do it. Will I later regret not having done the thing now?

So I just placed myself at mortality’s edge, and asked myself, if I was dying, if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I be thinking? Would I be happy and croak with no regrets?

And a thought came forward: I wouldn’t wish that I had done that thing, I would...

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What do you know?

attunement Jul 27, 2019

The question, “What do you know?” came to me as I was preparing to meet with a client. I assumed the question popped in for me to pass on to my client. I saw myself asking her, What do you know?

Next thing I knew, I was answering the question myself.


I know that I am here in this body. 

I know that I am cared for and looked after. 

I know that there is more to existence and being-ness than what appears to the physical eye. 

I know that I came from a...

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a Maui Wow!ee

On our last night of vacation on Maui, Josephine and I enjoyed dinner via room service. The lit sky caught my eye through the window as we finished, and I received an impulse to leave the room immediately and walk outside. It was a compelling impulse: it was clear and had movement to it, as if a part of me had already made the decision to go outside and my body and brain were playing catch-up.

I put on my shoes quickly and uttered a rushed goodbye to my daughter. The momentum was...

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s p a c e

Space to allow the unfolding.

Space to feel feelings.

Space to come to a decision on one’s own accord, in a space of neutrality.

Neutral space.

Nurturing, open, inviting.

Limitless potential. The offering of space.


Sometimes, I squash the space. Fill it with thoughts. Then, the thoughts influence, call forth, or magnetize, a response from the person with whom I am conversing, or from the situation I am experiencing. 

For example, when my daughter was applying to high...

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