There is really just one choice

Starting to understand what "choice" means... in a divine context in which our soul is running the show, our earthbound choice is whether to go with the flow or against it. That is the only real choice we face.

To be an astronaut or a ballerina, to marry someone, what to have for dinner... these are choices on one level, but they are downstream from where the real choice is happening, from where reality is being created.

The choice we are always making--whether consciously or by default--is whether to attune to the flow, the flow of Life, the flow of the unfolding of Creation. This choice comes before deciding which career to pursue, whether to move, when to make that phone call, or what time to go to bed. It is the choice of whether to flow with the current or swim against it.

Indeed, this is the choice we are always making on a deeper level. With what do I align? To what do I attune? The head or the heart? The personality or the soul? We can frame it in different ways and said most simply, it is the choice between accepting Love and hiding Love.

I recently chose to give my son’s iPad back instead of withholding it, after he had broken one of the rules we had regarding its use. It felt uphill to rationalize why I should keep it from him: “it will teach him a lesson;” “he broke a rule, there should be a negative consequence;” “privileges must be earned;” and on and on--and none of it based in Reality. Those are learned belief systems, thought patterns that arise from fear: fear of how he’ll “turn out”, fear of what others will think of me as a parent, fear about doing the “right” thing, etc. That is not to say that in some circumstances, the loving choice may, in fact, be to withhold the iPad.

However, for me, in that moment of decision, which arose after I had centered myself in my loving presence, attuned beyond the intellect to the silent, still space inside, the natural choice was to give the iPad back. In that still space, it was clear that I wanted to share joy with my son. I wanted to support his experience of joy. Did we come for punishment? Did we come into these bodies to feel shame? I say we came for something else... we came for the JOY of it.

The reality is we are free. We are Love. It is not an emotion--it is what we are. We are born with an inner compass, attuned to our greater, divine knowing. We know what feels good inside and what does not, we know what peace and harmony feel like. And, we know what gripping feels like, which for me, is the feeling of using the intellect to rationalize decisions.

I know that in the moment I decided to return the iPad, I felt connected to Power, authentic Power--that's what the divine flow feels like to me. Power feels like Clarity, it feels neutral and unconditional... it is Presence.

That is the choice we have--whether to experience authentic Power.

The choice we make in every minute, in every situation is really the same choice over and over: to align with the Flow, or to push against it. To accept Power, or attempt control with force. To express Love, or to pinch it off.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
–Jalaluddin Rumi


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