An exercise in Patience

attunement flow Mar 19, 2019

A few weeks ago, The Nest was flooded from above. Despite the obvious ceiling and floor damage, and a few other ruined items, I found it somewhat amusing:  “The Nest has been baptized!,” I laughed.

As events unfolded, it became less of a charming affair, and more of a pain in the a*s. The extent of repairs required was far greater than I initially anticipated. That’s ok, still nothing to get worked up about. I phoned one contractor after another and everything was falling into place; it appeared that The Nest would be back up and running in a matter of just a couple weeks.

Then, the process hit a snag. A particular aspect of the restoration process was moving at a pace slower than I deemed acceptable. I could feel the gears grind within me, the feeling of “trying,” of wanting to “muscle” my will into the process to get it moving at a faster pace. MUST. INTERCEDE. Must take control was the impulse coming through.

And, there we have it: the uncomfortableness of not being in control; the discomfort associated with being in the unknown.

How was this all going to play out? How long will the whole restoration process take? When can I use my space again? When will The Nest be available for that special event that is in the works, not to mention for clients?

The answer: UNKNOWN. What I do know is that any effort-ing on my part to be “in control” will serve as a wrench in Divine action. Of course, that would be totally fine—we are free to use wrenches, free to exert personal will. However, I have learned through experience that wrenching the process usually results in a lesser outcome than that which comes through unfettered Flow. In fact, near the beginning of the restoration process, I was reminded of that so clearly: click here to read how I had my cake and ate it, too. 

Patience—with a capital P to reflect its Divine aspect—is going with the Flow; it is an absence of resistance. Patience is letting go of the effort to control circumstances and conditions. Patience is not putting a wrench into the Flow. Patience is allowing Divine action.

I am reminded that the means are the end. That is, how I am showing up in each moment IS my life. There is nowhere to go. Life is now, right now. So does it really matter when restoration of The Nest is complete? In the grand scheme of things, there is no when. There is the unfolding as I experience it in this moment.

My intention is to reside in Patience, to be embraced by its gentleness, strength, and calm. I remind myself that all is well, I am taken care of, and that the Divine unfolding is for me, and of me. 

Where in your life are you “trying” to be in control? What would it be like to reside in the Divine Unknowing?

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is Patience.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson


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