Divine meets Divine

connection joy Jan 22, 2020

I turned off the television, thankful that an overly long movie had ended, and turned my chair to glance through the family room, to no particular end. My gaze danced its way to the windows. 

Outside, the sky was overcast and all of nature seemed still. Dark clouds cast a gray hue onto the yard and projected the same grayness into the house. Inside, not a creature was stirring. All was quiet, my daughter in her bedroom—probably sleeping—and the cat, silently tucked away somewhere.

The thought came that this is what it feels like to be alone: drenched in silence, surrounded by stillness. An appreciation of human interaction emerged, along with the notion that when two humans interact, Divinity meets Divinity. Wow! A sense of awe filled me. In that moment, I would have gushed with appreciation and reverence for anybody who walked into the room, recognizing Divinity within them.

When I am alone, there is no animated mirror for my divinity, no one to witness or receive my essential nature. Why am I here if not to interact with other humans? In this moment of reflection, I was aware of only awe and reverence in such a meeting, regardless of the quality of interaction, be it joyful, painful, friendly, or awkward. Interacting with other humans makes me feel alive. 

It was so obvious: humans are torches of Divinity. We carry the flame of existence, the source of creation, within us. Isn’t that uplifting, if not giddy-inducing?!

When we come together, it is a meeting of the Divine: Divine meets Divine. We recognize ourselves in each other. And, in that connection, it is as if a spark is created by having come within striking distance of one another. That spark feels like Life.

My intention is to hold this awareness in all my interactions with other humans, remembering that we are Divinity in motion, Divine meeting Divine.

It feels like the highest honor on Earth.


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