Love more

Just pondering why it is that I don’t feel compelled to do a thing that I’ve been telling myself I should do. I know that I will eventually do it. Will I later regret not having done the thing now?

So I just placed myself at mortality’s edge, and asked myself, if I was dying, if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I be thinking? Would I be happy and croak with no regrets?

And a thought came forward: I wouldn’t wish that I had done that thing, I would wish that I had loved more. 

I would wish that I had enjoyed every moment for the unfolding that it was, even the moments in which I had judged my choice of activity. Meaning, I would wish I just loved my choices, instead of judging my choices.

More than that, I see people in this at-death’s-door vision: my children and husband. I want to live each moment in love with them. 

How can I love them more? How can I truly love them?

I can look through their eyes rather than my own. I can look through God’s eyes. I can respect and remember that the source of all Creation has got them, that each of them has their own relationship with the Divine, that they have access to their own divine intelligence and God-given inner guidance.

This is a path to loving more—setting all of us free in my heart.


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