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attunement creating feeling Nov 09, 2018

In this moment, I see so clearly the basis of real creation…

For example, my belly feels big, it is bumping up against my pants, and I judge it. Focusing on the belly, in this case through thoughts of judgment, brings me more belly (which is not what I want!), because creation comes from our attention.

Focusing on the FEELING I want brings conditions and experiences that are on the frequency of that feeling.
Because that is how creation works: imagine it, and it is there.
There is no need to get into the physical details. Instead, focus on the feeling–the feeling is the essence around which the physical manifests. The feeling is the basis of creation.

We are creators.

So funny how I’ve heard this for years, and in this moment having more clarity than ever about it.

In the case of the belly, the answer–to make a real creation–is to step away from thoughts about the belly. Focus on feeling good, feeling strong, feeling clear and aligned.

REAL creation is creation from this level, creation of what is real. Thoughts of reality as discussed by A Course in Miracles come forward here…

For the purpose of creating, it is important to spend time focusing our thoughts on what is real, what real creations we want.

This is where affirmations, ideal scenes, and intention setting come in. It is not because those techniques are causing the creation, it is that the attention spent in that pure, positive way is supporting creation, keeping the resistant thoughts at bay, keeping them from acting as barriers to creation.

Focus on the feeling of having what it is you want. The rest will follow, because the feeling is the essence around which the physical manifests.

The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration.


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