s p a c e

Space to allow the unfolding.

Space to feel feelings.

Space to come to a decision on one’s own accord, in a space of neutrality.

Neutral space.

Nurturing, open, inviting.

Limitless potential. The offering of space.


Sometimes, I squash the space. Fill it with thoughts. Then, the thoughts influence, call forth, or magnetize, a response from the person with whom I am conversing, or from the situation I am experiencing. 

For example, when my daughter was applying to high schools, I suggested that she accept my friend’s invitation to “shadow” for a day her own daughter, who attended one of those schools. Great idea, right?! My daughter said she was not interested. I immediately shared with her all the reasons it would benefit her to shadow the girl for a day. She walked away from me.

I recognized that I had not allowed her space. Space to process, space to develop her perspective, space to express. My energy—my thoughts and expectations—dominated the space. 

In contrast, when I shared with my son a request from his teacher, who had asked me to play intermediary, I left the door wide open to space. “Are you willing to comply with her request?” I asked, with no attachment to him saying yes or no. I was in the neutral zone. An outpouring came from my son as he shared with me his views about the teacher’s request.

After several minutes of conversation, my contribution being simply words of acknowledgment and understanding, I asked again if he was willing to comply with the teacher’s request. When he didn’t answer right away, I recognized that it would be easier for him to say yes or no if he didn’t have to do it on the spot, on the heels of my question. So I offered, “let’s let it rest for a couple of days, and we can talk again.”

We let it go. I did not think about it for a couple of days. 

On the third morning, I raised the question again, with no attachment to outcome: “I need to get back to your teacher, today. Are you willing to comply with her request?” Without hesitation, he said, yes, he was.

I have a hunch that had I filled the intervening space, the two days between our conversations, with thoughts or comments with a perspective on the subject, his decision may have been different.

S  P  A  C  E

Emptiness. Allness. Nothingness. Wholeness.

Unfettered space is a swift medium for divine order, which always flows in the direction of the highest good.


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