The Gift of Grayness

In the grayness, there is a richness. Colors deepen. 

A magnolia tree reached out to me this morning. Though, not only the tree. It was as if Grace was reaching through the tree and offering me an embrace. I accepted. 

The embrace was warm and inviting. Whole and nurturing. Its purity stopped me in my tracks. How could it be so gentle and yet so overwhelming? Tears welled in my eyes and an unnamable emotion surfaced as I melted into the otherworldliness of the experience.

I was aware of the richness of color exuded by the magenta-hued blossoms. The depth of color was captivating. As beautiful as a blue sky is, the color I was experiencing could exist only in the grayness of this particular sky.

A quick note was jotted in my journal in an effort to capture the essence of the mystical experience in which I found myself. A metaphor came forward: our own colors deepen in the grayness.

I saw the less-illuminated times in our life as richness, as texture. When woven together with brighter times, the fabric of our life is created.

Sometimes, we are directed to focus through and because of the grayness, on the richness of our colors. The clouds help us to see aspects of ourselves in different light. We may find a depth we had not seen in the brightness of a blue sky.

Different skies, different foci. Today, I am appreciating the richness, the texture in Life's tapestry, illuminated only by grayness.

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