Thy Will Be Done

In 2018, I was involved in a car accident. In my peripheral vision, I saw a car speeding toward me as I drove through an intersection. I let go of attachment to what may come next, viscerally feeling in my body the choice to accept whatever the outcome. I felt calm and at peace. The other car smashed into mine, totaling it. I could have physically died in that moment and I was fine with that as a potential outcome. Regardless of the unfolding, I knew all is well; the outcome was not mine to control.

Before this incident, I don't recall ever having experienced such spontaneous surrender and cooperation with What Is. I now know that we have the capacity to align with Divine Order in an instant.

It needn't take a car accident to experience the peace of surrender. Life presents us everyday whoopsies and mishaps with which to practice!

For example, one day, I arrived home to find my husband's car in the driveway, blocking access to my parking spot in the garage. I was triggered. When I texted him from the street to let him know my spot was blocked, I received the reply, "On a call. Can you just park on the street?"

Argh. Feelings of indignity and righteousness arose, and a sense of entitlement. "Why should I have to park on the street?"

Ah! An opportunity to realign. The notion that everything is God's and that I don't "own" anything came forward. Also, the idea that there is only giving—giving and receiving are just two sides of the same coin. My inner state shifted. Tension left, buoyancy moved in. A smile formed, even.

I saw in that moment that conditions are conditions and what we make them mean is our choice. I could make the parking situation mean that I am a victim, that I am unworthy, not cared for, etc. I am not choosing those meanings. I am instead focusing on gratitude that I have an amazing car, a supportive husband, the weather is lovely, and that I am taken care of.

If the parking situation was important to be different right now, it would be different, I thought. This is what it is, so it must be okay. All is well. I am held.

An opportunity to surrender. To accept what is. To let go of attachment to outcome. This was not a life-threatening situation, yet, how we show up in everyday moments like this is life-defining.

Like physical exercise builds muscle with repetition, practicing acceptance of Divine Will in everyday events builds an everyday reality of love and peace.

How could I possibly explain the great freedom that comes from realizing to the depth of your being that life knows what it's doing?
― Mickey Singer, The Surrender Experiment


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