Truth or Drama?

In the absence of information, the mind's inclination is to fill in the blanks, to create a story. Have you ever found it challenging to accept not knowing?

One afternoon, I casually opened my son's report card, expecting nothing unusual. To my surprise, a teacher's comment threw me for a loop.

I immediately sent a note to the teacher requesting a conversation to understand what the comment meant and then let the matter go... until I got into conversation about it with my husband. Talking about what the possibilities might be—from where was this comment coming? what did it mean? was it included in error?—got the juices flowing. 

The next morning, the mind was digging in, latching onto an opportunity to be "right" and someone else being "wrong," or at least me being more right and them being less right.

At some point in the prophesizing, I realized that what I was doing was building a case for a position, as compared to allowing space for truth.

At that, I stopped thinking about what might be shared by the teacher and asked myself, "am I committed to hearing the truth?" Do I want to be committed to truth? Where does my devotion lie, with positionality (ego) or Truth?

It certainly removes the drama from life to reside in commitment to truth. If I am committed to truth, then I have to let go of positionality. I have to wait. I have to set aside my story-making about what other people are thinking as well as experiencing the oh-so-juicy feeling of righteousness.

Are you willing to give up the drama?

Truth is "what is." There is my perspective and there are other people's perspectives. Truth encompasses all perspectives. Was I willing to hear another facet of Truth?

I decided that I'd rather play host to God than hostage to the ego. I recalibrated myself with the intention to hear Truth. A funny thing then occurred: there was no desire present regarding the matter, even to hear "the truth." All desire evaporated. The attachment to the subject was gone. An awareness that All is Well was present.

I saw that there was nothing to defend. Truth needs no defense.

I entered the conversation with the teacher in an open, receiving mindset. In a space of neutrality, I was able to ask questions to elicit a true understanding of the matter, something that would not have been available to me had I focused on defending a position.

There is only Truth. I am grateful for this experience as a reminder that in any given moment, we are either blocking, or a being a conduit for, the revelation of Truth.


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