We can use the light to get out

choice expansion flow Jan 21, 2019

As my friend and I approached our destination in a plaza, she said, “If we go in this way, we can use the light to get out.”

Whoa! We can use the Light to get out. That’s how I heard it—Light with a capital L.

It felt like a message from Spirit.

Actually, isn’t everything a message from Spirit, insomuch as we have the opportunity to use every situation, circumstance and condition for our growth and upliftment?

For example, today I am lying in bed with a cold. I could bemoan it and think about all the things I “can’t” do that require physical exertion. Instead, I choose to revel in the opportunity to jumpstart a practice of loving discipline around writing. For a while now, the opportunity to exercise more discipline in the area of written expression (that is, to write more often) has been present in my awareness. Yet, the part of me that is good at staying in the comfort zone and distracting me from the soul’s call, has run the show in this area of my life.

Even as I grabbed my laptop and propped myself up in bed with the intention to write, I notice that I spent the first 2 hours distracting myself with emails! Then, I remembered the precious opportunity at hand: I have no physical energy to be moving about, yet enough mental acuity to put words together and type. It seems a gift from the heavens, a goody basket disguised as a feverish cold, to launch my practice of loving discipline around writing. And, so it is.

Today marks Week 1 of my weekly writing practice. And how clever of Spirit to inspire me to share this, because now YOU know about my intention, which further inspires me to remain accountable to myself!

Indeed, not only are messages ever-present, but support is, as well. 

What is the message of guidance or support in your current situation or circumstance?

Light ahead! (and behind, and all around!)

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.
—Stephen Covey


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