We create as we sow

choice creating expansion Sep 21, 2018

This just came to me. It also came a few days ago.

Right now, it came in the midst of reflecting on a current situation with a healing practitioner and her practice... I have a balance of pre-paid services that I haven’t used and was imagining a conversation with her in which I ask for a refund, as I do not intend to use her services going forward.

Then that phrase came to me. We create as we sow.

What would I be creating if I approached her with that idea [of a refund]? Contraction? Would it not be more expansive to share with her the reason I stopped coming and let it unfold from there? Would that not open space for conversation in which we may both learn something?

Approaching the situation in this manner overrides a program with which I am familiar: figure things out first, then tell the other person what the answer is. This feels off. It feels uncreative, least of which, co-creative.

How about offering her feedback on my experience? Perhaps I owe her that in service.
Perhaps our coming together for a conversation will open the door to an experience, opportunity, or learning I had not imagined.
Perhaps the situation is not mine to “figure out”.
Perhaps the remaining pre-paid funds are holding an energetic connection between us for some purpose.
Perhaps this unresolved situation with its immanent opportunities is an illustration of how we are all in this together.

What do I want to create with this?

Sowing the seeds of love, the seeds of love...
––Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal, a.k.a. Tears for Fears


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