What do you know?

attunement Jul 27, 2019

The question, “What do you know?” came to me as I was preparing to meet with a client. I assumed the question popped in for me to pass on to my client. I saw myself asking her, What do you know?

Next thing I knew, I was answering the question myself.

❊  ❊  ❊

I know that I am here in this body. 

I know that I am cared for and looked after. 

I know that there is more to existence and being-ness than what appears to the physical eye. 

I know that I came from a womb of Love.

I know that I am an extension of the source of creation. 

I know that I am both creation and creator. 

I know that I have access to the purest, most positive, most loving energy there is.

I know that I am here. 

I know that I witness. 

I know that I am part of other creators’ creation.

I know that I have an energetic signature that is uniquely me in this moment. 

I know that I am always in motion, dynamic and expressing.

I know that there is more than I know. 

❊  ❊  ❊

What do you know? 

I invite you to attune to the center of your existence. 
Relax. Listen for what is there. Thoughts will float in, no need to reach.
What comes to you? What is there?

What do you know?

Have fun with this!


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