a Maui Wow!ee

On our last night of vacation on Maui, Josephine and I enjoyed dinner via room service. The lit sky caught my eye through the window as we finished, and I received an impulse to leave the room immediately and walk outside. It was a compelling impulse: it was clear and had movement to it, as if a part of me had already made the decision to go outside and my body and brain were playing catch-up.

I put on my shoes quickly and uttered a rushed goodbye to my daughter. The momentum was carrying me out the door!

As I exited the elevator at ground level, I wasn’t sure exactly where I was headed. I felt a pull towards the ocean, so walked in that direction. 

When I reached the front of the hotel property, I found myself on an ocean-front footpath. My choices were to go straight ahead, which would be onto the beach, or to go left or right, to walk along the path. 

The decision came to turn left. As I turned, I felt and saw and a familiar presence in my periphery. Could this be Nykki, my dear soul sister, who tread the sacred ground of personal growth with me for two years during our master’s program? The same sweet being whom I had not seen in three years, 2500 miles away, in California?

“Nykki??” She looked as surprised as I felt. Her eyes widened and then gigantic smiles adorned each of us as we embraced. Nykki shared how she, too, followed an impulse to walk to this spot, with no "reason," other than to follow her inner compass. 

We enjoyed catching up for the next hour, standing right there on the footpath, enfolded by ocean air and graced by a setting sun. What an unexpected treat! I was aflutter with sensations of lightness and near giddiness in recognition of the synchronicity that brought us together. It was a feeling of pure delight!

I am grateful for the whispers of Spirit, which often feel like “inexplicable” impulses. The rational mind is quite capable of talking one out of following an impulse, asking for reasons or justification. In my experience, the grace of God often speaks through “irrational” or “illogical” channels. I suppose it must, if we are to live a Self-led, surrendered life of continual surprise and delight! 


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