You are always doing the best you can

creating parenting Dec 14, 2018

Man will always choose the good.

After dropping off my daughter at school, in the rain, with her expressing a blasé attitude about going to school, and hearing my less-than-enlightened exchange with her, I was overcome with the knowing that there is another way.

What would it be like to consciously create, right now, in this moment?

Understanding that this world is a projection of mind, a mind in which I have creative license, how and what would I like to consciously create? That is, I do not enjoy hearing my conditioned responses to my children’s expression of displeasure. I would like to create something else. Sometimes, when I am centered and wearing my soul-oriented glasses, my response is compassionate and loving. Other times, as on this particular day, it is automatic and full of meaning: I make their responses mean something within me. Sometimes, I have made them mean that I am not a good mother.

So, in this moment, after driving away and allowing the truth of my experience to come forward,  I turned to my 12-year old son and asked in all earnestness, “What do you expect of me as a mother?” I really wanted to know, what is his perspective? What does this creature naturally desire from a mother? How can I be a better mother?

Without missing a beat, he responded, "For you to do your best. For you to do your best as a mother." And then he added, “which you have done.”

My eyes welled with tears.

Indeed, we are always doing the best we can in any given moment. Even when we think we could have done better or could be doing better, it is impossible for us not to be doing the best we can in a given moment.

Every moment is an unfolding of Creation...we are both creating as we go and Creation itself. How can the unfolding be anything less than as it should be?

Give yourself credit for choosing the good as you know it, as best you can know it, in the moment. 

Let each moment have its dignity.


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