You've been spared

grace perspective Jan 20, 2020

From the annals of not getting what I want…

I was ready to make a left-hand turn into the school driveway. Upon initiating the turn, however, I stopped quickly when I saw a school administrator and another person standing smack in the middle of the entrance, blocking my path. “Way to block the driveway,” I muttered. (There’s something about being behind the wheel of a car that brings forth a sense of entitlement.)

By the time the two men cleared the drive (all of 6 seconds later), an SUV approaching from the other direction reached the entrance, signaling a right-hand turn into the driveway. Now, that driver had the right of way, so I waited for him to make his turn, and then followed him in.

We pulled to the top of the drive, stopping at the customary spot to let out our children, my car behind the SUV. Just as our cars had rolled to a stop, a huge pick-up truck began backing out of a parking spot, perpendicularly aligned with the SUV. The driver of the truck didn’t seem to be slowing, and his trajectory was a crash course with the SUV. The driver of the SUV sounded his horn—to no avail. The truck backed straight into the front of the SUV. Crash!

In all the years I have been pulling into this driveway, I have never seen pedestrians standing in the middle of the entrance during the busy morning drop-off routine. Despite my knee-jerk frustration at being “unduly” hindered, prevented from turning at my “rightful” time, the lingering pedestrians actually spared me from an unwanted outcome! Had I pulled into the driveway in front of the SUV, my car would have been the sitting duck. Thank you for blocking me, pedestrians!

I put this into the you’ve-been-spared bucket.

Whenever I don’t get something I want, I like to think that the Universe is telling me, “You’ve been spared.”

Sometimes, the outcome from which I’ve been spared is immediately evident, such as in this case. Other times, it is not so obvious and I must reside in the Unknowing, unaware of how a seemingly unwanted experience is actually in my favor. My trust in the Unknowing is bolstered by experiences like this one. 

There is always a bigger picture, whether I can see it or not. I put my faith in the fact that the tides of the Universe flow in the direction of the highest good; so even when I don’t get what I [think I] want, I can rest in the knowing that I am being taken care of and that my best interests are being served.

"If we were meant to be having an experience other than the one we are having, then we would be having it."
—Tracy Walker Poff


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