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Getting out of the way

attunement creating flow Sep 18, 2018

Played the best game of putt-putt golf I have ever played, a few weeks ago.

In the past, I would look at the ball, look at the hole, look at the ball again, look at the hole again, and think something along the lines of, “come on, this isn’t that hard, I should be able to do this, let go, come on, I can do this, don’t think too much, see the ball go into the hole, everyone is watching me, I can do this, can I?, yes, I can do this, I really want to get it in...,” etc....

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There is really just one choice

Starting to understand what "choice" means... in a divine context in which our soul is running the show, our earthbound choice is whether to go with the flow or against it. That is the only real choice we face.

To be an astronaut or a ballerina, to marry someone, what to have for dinner... these are choices on one level, but they are downstream from where the real choice is happening, from where reality is being created.

The choice we are always making--whether consciously or by...

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