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a Maui Wow!ee

On our last night of vacation on Maui, Josephine and I enjoyed dinner via room service. The lit sky caught my eye through the window as we finished, and I received an impulse to leave the room immediately and walk outside. It was a compelling impulse: it was clear and had movement to it, as if a part of me had already made the decision to go outside and my body and brain were playing catch-up.

I put on my shoes quickly and uttered a rushed goodbye to my daughter. The momentum was...

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You can have your coffee and drink it, too.

Mark wanted to stop at Peet’s on the way to The Nest. I didn’t think we had time to stop for coffee—even if we were getting it to-go. We were scheduled to meet a contractor at The Nest at 8:30 sharp. The contractor had actually used the word sharp!

Notwithstanding my desire to arrive on time, I could sense on an energetic level that Mark’s pull to the coffee shop was dominant, somehow more in alignment with Flow, than my desire to go straight to The Nest. I...

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I am not alone. I am held.

connection Sep 27, 2018

These are two awarenesses that anchored in me more deeply last week, thanks to a bodywork session with the talented Tricia.

Shortly after we began, I asked my soul about the tightness along my right side–what do I need to know? I got: Move forward.

A part that felt afraid to move forward surfaced. This part felt she would not be caught, would not be held, there was no net.

Tricia asked if there was an experience I have had in which that occurred, in which I moved forward and was not...

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