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Individually, we are threads. Together, a tapestry.

I was lying on the grass, belly-down, using my hands as a pillow for my head. My head was turned to one side, and my left forearm was in my immediate view. If I closed one eye, the imagery in my view comprised a given range, including a lot of my forearm and a little bit of grass. If I then opened that eye and closed the other, the range of sight shifted, and now I could see a lot more grass, as well as the purple Rozanne...

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Truth or Drama?

In the absence of information, the mind's inclination is to fill in the blanks, to create a story. Have you ever found it challenging to accept not knowing?

One afternoon, I casually opened my son's report card, expecting nothing unusual. To my surprise, a teacher's comment threw me for a loop.

I immediately sent a note to the teacher requesting a conversation to understand what the comment meant and then let the matter go... until I got into conversation about it with my husband. Talking...

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The Gift of Grayness

In the grayness, there is a richness. Colors deepen. 

A magnolia tree reached out to me this morning. Though, not only the tree. It was as if Grace was reaching through the tree and offering me an embrace. I accepted. 

The embrace was warm and inviting. Whole and nurturing. Its purity stopped me in my tracks. How could it be so gentle and yet so overwhelming? Tears welled in my eyes and an unnamable emotion surfaced as I melted into the otherworldliness of the...

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Inspired by Beauty

connection expansion joy Jan 21, 2020

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
—Coco Chanel 

Tears welled in my eyes as I read a furniture catalog. Yes, a furniture catalog. The layout of the pages, the photographs used, the story the copywriters were telling... it was all so beautiful! 

It was as if I could feel the wholehearted intention of the artists who designed the furniture and the creative ones who compiled their catalog. It was a feeling of purity, of genuineness.

I love connecting on that...

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Love more

Just pondering why it is that I don’t feel compelled to do a thing that I’ve been telling myself I should do. I know that I will eventually do it. Will I later regret not having done the thing now?

So I just placed myself at mortality’s edge, and asked myself, if I was dying, if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I be thinking? Would I be happy and croak with no regrets?

And a thought came forward: I wouldn’t wish that I had done that thing, I would...

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The price of freedom

expansion freedom parenting May 25, 2019


I keep talking, despite my daughter’s plea.

“Would you stop?!” she begs. 

I persist, rationalizing to myself, I’m the parent, she will benefit by listening to me.

“You’re making me feel sad. You’re making me feel like an idiot!”

Ouch. But I’m on a run, “Well, that’s your doing,” implicitly reminding her that no one can “make” us feel anything.

While the admonishment leaves my lips,...

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The engine that can

creating expansion grace May 01, 2019

Recently, I noticed that I no longer have a fantasy associated with winning the lottery. Often, in the past, when I saw a billboard displaying the jackpot, an automatic assessment would run: is this the one? is it time to buy a ticket? And, once every year or so, I would buy a ticket, complete with accompanying fantasy about how this money would change our (my family’s) lives.

I no longer have that fantasy. Seemingly out of nowhere, the fantasy dissolved. I saw a sign advertising the...

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I missed a period

expansion joy Feb 10, 2019

I missed a period in a newsletter I sent out today. Ouch. I did not like the way that unfinished sentence looked, and how it ran into the next one.

The cool thing is that, in the past, I would have also not liked the way it looked to others, I would have viewed it as a reflection of me and who I am, and today, it was the aesthetics that got my attention.

In the past, I would have viewed the missed period as a ghastly mistake, and a part of me would have linked it to my worthiness......

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Beliefs: Love 'em or Leave 'em


Parent to Child:  You’re eight years old, you do what I tell you to do.

Parent:  What would you like to eat?
Child:  I’m not hungry.
Parent:  Well, you’re going to be in an hour.

Parent to Child:  Stop touching everything. You’re touching everything and then touching your face. That’s how you get sick. Stop touching things.

Parent to Child, after child drops glass:  I am upset with you. I am upset with you!

These are...

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We can use the light to get out

choice expansion flow Jan 21, 2019

As my friend and I approached our destination in a plaza, she said, “If we go in this way, we can use the light to get out.”

Whoa! We can use the Light to get out. That’s how I heard it—Light with a capital L.

It felt like a message from Spirit.

Actually, isn’t everything a message from Spirit, insomuch as we have the opportunity to use every situation, circumstance and condition for our growth and upliftment?

For example, today I am lying in bed with a...

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