Tales from a Practical Mystic


Thy Will Be Done

In 2018, I was involved in a car accident. In my peripheral vision, I saw a car speeding toward me as I drove through an intersection. I let go of attachment to what may come next, viscerally feeling in my body the choice to accept whatever the outcome. I felt calm and at peace. The other car smashed into mine, totaling it. I could have physically died in that moment and I was fine with that as a potential outcome. Regardless of the unfolding, I knew all is well; the outcome was not mine to...

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Truth or Drama?

In the absence of information, the mind's inclination is to fill in the blanks, to create a story. Have you ever found it challenging to accept not knowing?

One afternoon, I casually opened my son's report card, expecting nothing unusual. To my surprise, a teacher's comment threw me for a loop.

I immediately sent a note to the teacher requesting a conversation to understand what the comment meant and then let the matter go... until I got into conversation about it with my husband. Talking...

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