I offer private consultations to support those seeking to experience greater levels of inner peace, clarity, aliveness and authenticity in their lives. These experiences come as one learns how to love—to love oneself, to love others... to love life.


The underlying framework of every session is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Feelings of stuck-ness, imbalance, and upset are transformed through this soul-centered paradigm. We supplant the common vantage point based in limitation, judgment, and lack, and instead look through the eyes of the soul, the lens of Love, which is expansive, accepting, and life-affirming.


My intention is to offer a sacred space in which clients may access the wisdom of their soul. As such, I clear the physical space and my inner space through prayer and intention before a session begins, in service to creating a neutral field and container of unconditional acceptance.

Sessions open with a centering process, and we align with the client's intention, whether it be to access their natural clarity, experience inner peace, or explore their spiritual nature. Often, I spontaneously guide clients through a meditation in order to assist in attuning to their authentic self. This process helps to clear mental noise and suspend any limiting belief systems that may be running. At the level of the authentic self, the spiritual context is revealed and the client's natural clarity and inner guidance shines forth. I support the client with my own clarity, intuition, and spiritual guidance.

Sometimes I suggest specific "homework" to help anchor new awarenesses or intentions, or to facilitate any action steps that were identified during the session.


Consultations are 60 minutes in duration. Initial consultations are held in-person at The Nest, while established clients may have the option of telephone or video conference.


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One-off sessions as described above can be especially helpful from time to time, or for a period of time. For those who are committed to their spiritual awakening and remembering, I offer a 6-month coaching program.

This is an individualized program and includes two private sessions per month, each building upon the last, comprising experiential learning and growth.

Contact me if you would like to explore whether this program is for you.


"Tracy is a teacher of great wisdom and intuitive knowing. She also has the amazing ability to stay grounded and neutral, to listen both deeply and enthusiastically, responding with the kind of big-picture insights designed to activate your own wisdom. Tracy sees past the illusions and dramas of everyday life, helping her clients to re-vision their lives through the broadest and most inspiring lens, to help us reclaim our power as the Divine creators we all are."

in Oakland

"Tracy has a natural inner peace that immediately put me at ease and made me feel welcome. She is open, flexible, caring and down to earth. Tracy had several tools available to help me tune into my authentic self. She is accepting of all thoughts and feelings (there is no right or wrong answer) and genuinely wants to help her clients find peace and ease. She provided me with tools to help me set my intentions… My time with Tracy was powerful, calming and energizing all at once.”"


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