I offer private sessions to support growth-oriented women in their life journey. 

Life does not move in a straight line; it is unpredictable and non-linear. Curveballs appear "out of nowhere" and sometimes challenges bubble up "right under our noses," within our relationships and everyday routines.

What to do when Life gets uncomfortable? I say, milk it. Better said, mine it, for the hidden gold—it's always there. Discomfort indicates an opportunity for deeper loving and a deeper knowing of Self, your steady, unchanging essence.

In one-on-one sessions, I support clients in mining the gold, in accessing their true nature, in service to experiencing peace, clarity and upliftment.


The underlying framework of every session is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Feelings of stuck-ness, imbalance, and upset are transformed through this heart-centered paradigm. We supplant the common vantage point based in limitation, judgment, and lack, and instead look through the eyes of Self, the lens of Love, which is expansive, accepting, and life-affirming.

Through this framework, we are reminded that we are that which we seek. We are the source of loving, abundance, and clarity, expressing as aliveness.


Sessions open with a centering process, and we align with the client's intention, whether it be to bring clarity to a situation; identify next steps; soothe inner upset (including grief and anger); or create momentum for a new project or life direction. Often, I offer spontaneously guided meditation to assist clients in attuning to their natural clarity and inner guidance, bypassing mental noise and suspending limiting belief systems that may be running. I support the client with my own clarity, intuition, and inspired guidance.


Consultations are 60 minutes in duration. I encourage local clients to enjoy their session in person at The Nest. Other options include telephone and video conference.



Mentoring - a series of sessions

Single sessions as described above can be especially helpful from time to time. I also offer multi-session packages, to create a container for mentorship. I serve as your mentor in aligning you with capital Y-You, your God-self; the You that knows the answers to your questions, the best next step... the You that lights the path.

A series of sessions can be especially supportive when you are

  • pursuing a creative dream; or
  • moving through a life transition or a change of circumstance; or
  • noticing that "figuring it out" and "making it happen" are not working, or drain your energy (I assure you, there is an easier way); or
  • feeling trapped or stuck and are ready to claim your divine heritage, your God-given power; or 
  • wanting an advocate in your corner as you explore and deepen into who and what you really are.

Multiple sessions are helpful as you integrate new ways of being and rewrite old programming in the subconscious. Sessions are a time to practice alignment with soul and Self, and may include meditation as well as practices of forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and deep inner listening.

My overall intention in offering multi-session packages is to assist you in cultivating a way of being that allows you to access your essential, unchanging nature and to live from this expanded perspective on a consistent basis. In so doing, you are a conscious creator, calling into your experience all that is yours to be, do and have.

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"Tracy is a teacher of great wisdom and intuitive knowing. She also has the amazing ability to stay grounded and neutral, to listen both deeply and enthusiastically, responding with the kind of big-picture insights designed to activate your own wisdom. Tracy sees past the illusions and dramas of everyday life, helping her clients to re-vision their lives through the broadest and most inspiring lens, to help us reclaim our power as the Divine creators we all are."

in Oakland

"Tracy has a natural inner peace that immediately put me at ease and made me feel welcome. She is open, flexible, caring and down to earth. Tracy had several tools available to help me tune into my authentic self. She is accepting of all thoughts and feelings (there is no right or wrong answer) and genuinely wants to help her clients find peace and ease. She provided me with tools to help me set my intentions… My time with Tracy was powerful, calming and energizing all at once.”"


"After attending Tracy's SoulFood for Moms series I knew she was both gifted and skilled at guiding people to see the positive when things feel negative. Her focus on self-acceptance and letting go of judgment is inspiring. I love the combination of self-reflection, meditation and talk therapy to help find greater purpose in life's lessons. Tracy also offers practical solutions for getting out a "negative mindset." I highly recommend working with Tracy."


"Through Tracy's guidance and compassionate wisdom, I was able to gain clarity and peace after almost a year of trying to make sense of a troubling and stressful situation. I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the positive impact of Tracy's powerful spiritual coaching and highly recommend her to anyone who may be needing some assistance when life throws you a curve ball."


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