I offer private consultations to support those seeking to experience greater levels of inner peace, clarity, aliveness and authenticity in their lives. These experiences come as one learns how to love—to love oneself, to love others... to love life.

In a typical session, we explore a current situation, question, dilemma or challenge one is facing, using as a framework the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We look through the spiritual eyes, the eyes of loving, and find that answers and pathways reveal themselves.

Often, questions such as, “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, or, “what is my purpose?” surface. These are wonderful questions that lead to oh-so-delicious answers.


In addition to single consultations, I offer a 6-month spiritual coaching program for those committed to their spiritual awakening / remembering. This is an individualized program that includes two private sessions per month, each building upon the last, comprising experiential learning and growth.

My intention for every session is to offer a sacred space of unconditional acceptance in which one may access the wisdom of the soul, the authentic Self.

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"Tracy is a teacher of great wisdom and intuitive knowing. She also has the amazing ability to stay grounded and neutral, to listen both deeply and enthusiastically, responding with the kind of big-picture insights designed to activate your own wisdom. Tracy sees past the illusions and dramas of everyday life, helping her clients to re-vision their lives through the broadest and most inspiring lens, to help us reclaim our power as the Divine creators we all are."

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