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Hello, and welcome!  I'm Tracy.  I offer private consultations and spiritual coaching to support those seeking to experience greater levels of inner peace, clarity, aliveness, and authenticity in their lives. 

At the core of our being, resides our genuine enthusiasm.  The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek enthousiasmos, which means to be divinely inspired. 

When I was young, I was attuned to my enthusiasm.  I felt most at home and expressive on the cheerleading squad. I felt joyful and fulfilled as I inspired others into experiencing and expressing their own innate, high-flying energy.  By the time I had worked in a corporate environment and earned a second degree in business some years later, I was dimly aware that somewhere along the way, I had left my enthusiasm on the sidelines.  

After another decade, I was somewhat relieved that becoming a mother had given me a "reason" to leave my career in finance.  Though, as my second child turned two, I became aware that my role as a parent had actually amplified the distance between me and my inner compass.  As my two-year-old unyieldingly denied my requests (ok, commands), I found myself drowning in questions... "What am I doing? Why am I here? WHO AM I?!”

As I would come to learn, through years of dedicated study, deep contemplation, and honest self-inquiry, there are no simple answers to these questions, and yet there is one very simple answer:  I am a divine being having a human experience.  

I now see life through this broad context, appreciating the opportunities to know my divine Self experientially, through everyday joys and challenges.  I have come full circle, reconnected to my enthusiasm, now serving as a spiritual cheerleader.  I am rooting for humanity’s conscious connection to our infinite, limitless nature.

To that end, I have recently and joyously opened "The Nest" in Emeryville, California, a sanctuary for divine connection and attunement. You are invited to join me in this space for one-on-one connection and coaching, as well as small-group classes which commence in 2019.

I live with my husband, two children, and our cuddly kitty in Oakland, California.


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